Propane gaining ground Propane is a tried and tested refrigerant and is increasingly in demand, says eurammon, the joint European initiative of companies, institutions and individuals who advocate an increased use of natural refrigerants. It supports its arguments with case studies.
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The race to save the ozone layer A chronology of events relateing to HCFCs and HFCs
Category: Articles | Date: October 30, 2011
Cold storage – what’s in store? India is one of the leading producers of milk, fruits and vegetables. The cold storage industry is trying to keep pace with the country’s production, in order to exploit its immense potential. Arvind Surange brings a report on the development of the sector in the country, with special reference to modernisation of its infrastructure.
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LEEDing to efficiency? HFCs or HCFCs? that is the question. also under the scanner is the debate: do rating systems based only on technology curb innovation, or do benchmarks and time-bound constraints spur scientific creativity? both sets of arguments come with their attendant caveats, making one wonder if we are back to square one, after all sides have rested their case. Megha Merani finds out more.
Category: Articles | Date: December 13, 2009